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Manage Users and Permissions, Application Branding, Organization Locations, and More...

KnowledgeDesk's Administration capabilities are intended to give your organization granular control over the configuration of your KnowledgeDesk domain.

Configure system and knowledge article permissions, manage site branding, create organization locations to be used in resolving tickets and tasks, set article metadata, configure your self-service portal, set up ticket and task assignment groups and set your organization's operational schedule quickly and easily.

System Permissions

Manage each user's ability to use product features, including:

  • Set rights for four built-in permission roles
  • Manage users, customers and permissions
  • Browse, search and manage help desk tickets and tasks
  • Manage services, service level agreements, and other system configuration items
  • View system reports

Knowledge Permissions

Restrict knowledge article functionality for each user:

  • Set rights for six built-in permission roles
  • Assign users to a role
  • Restrict article rights including viewing, creating, editing, commenting, and using articles to create tickets
  • Set article rights based on article visibility (e.g. a user can edit validated articles, but not draft articles)

Application Branding

Upload your organization's logo and set the site name to be displayed within the web and mobile applications.

Organization Locations

Enter one or more locations for your organization to be used in setting the location for each trouble ticket and task.

Article Types

Activate and deactivate knowledge article types, each of which has a set of pre-configured fields and layouts. Article types are: diagnostic, escalation, how-to, issue, question, reference, and request. Learn more about article types.

Article Tags

Manage article tags that are used to categorize and improve search-ability and reporting on the use of knowledge articles.

Self-Service Portal

Configure your organization's self-service portal to be open to the public versus requiring customers to login to access the portal, and, if you restrict access, control whether customers can self-register for accounts versus requiring accounts to be created by support personnel. Additionally, set a cover image and title for your self-service portal.

Assignment Groups

Create one or more assignment groups to which ticket and tasks will be automatically routed. Assignment groups help ensure that tickets and tasks are managed by the most appropriate personnel.

Operations Schedule

Set your organization's work schedule including time zone, days and hours of operation, and days when you are closed (holidays).

Related Features

Knowledge Management

KnowledgeDesk Knowledge Management is a fully-compliant KCS system that enables organizations to create, manage, search, share and use articles to resolve customer tickets. Use Knowledge Management as a standalone application to capture and reuse organizational knowledge, or use Knowledge Management with KnowledgeDesk's Help Desk to empower your service desk or customer service team.

Help Desk

KnowledgeDesk Help Desk transforms traditional customer support and help desk environments by empowering them to reuse and leverage knowledge articles as tools to resolve customer tickets, decreasing average time-to-resolution, decreasing organizational costs and improving customer satisfaction. Moreover, by reusing knowledge in the resolution of help desk inquiries, organizations are able to more quickly identify the root cause problems driving customer issues.

Service Catalog

KnowledgeDesk Service Management is an integral component that supports Knowledge Management and Help Desk capabilities by enabling organizations to create and manage services through their lifecycle.

Service Level Management

Create and manage service level targets and assign service level priorities to each article and ticket to govern automation of ticket handling, including routing, prioritization, due dates and escalations, and measurement and reporting of performance relative to service level commitments.

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