KnowledgeDesk ITSM expert

Vitil Solutions

Founded in 1977, Vitil has provided technology services and support to small businesses and government.  For over 40 years, Vitil has used several service management applications (ITSM) and developed significant expertise in ISO-20000 (ITIL), Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) and providing meaningful performance metrics. From this work, Vitil has developed several innovations for service management that are not present in most ITSM applications. Some top capabilities are:

1) The systematic detection of underlying problems using incident patterns

2) Practical ways to leverage knowledge articles for real-time staff training, minimizing the impact of staff changes and ensuring consistency and thoroughness in support processes and

3) Providing comprehensive and advanced SLA metrics. Collectively, these innovations provide data-driven results for strategic and design decision making. To make this available for others, KnowledgeDesk was developed to provide these innovations within an ITSM application.

Since 2000, Dale Ott has been President of Vitil Solutions and development of KnowledeDesk began in 2012.  Dale has an MBA from Pepperdine University, a Certificate in Strategy from Claremont University and attended 6 Executive Education Courses at Harvard University. Prior to Vitil Solutions, Dale worked at IBM, Tech Data, various Silicon Valley start-ups and a strategic consulting firm.

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