Flagging Knowledge Articles – the Simple Act of Commenting

A knowledge article is never complete until it is obsolete. This statement from the KCS methodology promotes that knowledge is not perfect and can always be improved. It needs to be dynamic and not static. Yet not everyone will have the authority to modify or fix knowledge. Those rights must be earned based on the KCS competency model. When fixing is not an option, flagging is. Flagging a knowledge article allows individuals the ability to contribute fragments of knowledge to improve the knowledge article. Ultimately these fragments from flagging need to be addressed by someone who has the authority to fix the knowledge article. In many knowledge management systems, flagging is enabled by adding comments to the knowledge article.

Vitil Solutions announces the release of KnowledgeDesk ITSM Software

VITIL Solutions, a 40-year-old company based in Sarasota Florida, provides managed services for technology service desks, field services and computer management services to county and city governments in the state of Florida now enters a new era with a first release of KnowledgeDesk. KnowledgeDesk is a next generation cloud-based service management application based upon the proven experiences of VITIL and leverages industry best practices such as ITIL® and Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS). The first release of KnowledgeDesk is a knowledge management application that leverages KCS methods to capture, structure, reuse, and improve knowledge articles and provides a self-service portal for unlimited customers to search, browse, and view approved articles.