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Rick Joslin Promotes KCSM at HDI Local Chapters

Sarasota, Florida, September 22, 2017

Rick Joslin spoke to a packed crowd at the September 21st Northcoast HDI Local Chapter meeting in Akron, Ohio (Cleveland metro). This was his first stop in a multi-chapter tour.

Rick shared the Knowledge Centered Service Management (KCSM) strategy that goes beyond the integration of ITIL and KCS. Knowledge Management can be more than just finding resolutions to incidents and answers to questions. It is essential that organizations move from responding to incidents to a strategy that focuses on eliminating them. Knowledge should be integrated with many service management processes beyond incident management. Use standardized taxonomy for services, knowledge, tickets, and problems. Automate the creation of tasks for tickets when knowledge articles are reused. Define ticket priorities, ticket types, effected service, and ticket categories when knowledge is reused. Use resolution matching to minimize duplication. Enable an actionable service catalog by integrating knowledge with service portfolio management. Replace labor intensive ticket analysis with valuable knowledge article trend reports to drive problem management. Promote knowledge to problems, not incidents to problems. Capture the moments of exception within service support to improve processes and services. Implement a single point of management for your most important resource, your team.

“KCSM is a service management strategy that combines the best practices from ITIL and KCS along with the innovations and experience of VITIL,” says Rick. “Helping others learn how knowledge can be used beyond answering questions is personally rewarding and I hope what is shared will benefit their organizations.” Following the presentation, attendees participated in breakout groups to discuss these new concepts and how they could leverage them.

Rick has plans to speak at a several local chapters across North America. He has stops scheduled for Orlando, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Denver, and Philadelphia. Additional chapters and cities are being added to the schedule. Check with your HDI local chapter to see if Rick will be in your area so that you can learn how the KCSM strategy can benefit your organization. These meetings and Rick’s travel are sponsored by KnowledgeDesk.

About KnowledgeDesk
VITIL introduced KnowledgeDesk in 2017, cloud-based service management application that enables industry best practices based on ITIL® and Knowledge-Centered Service (KCSSM).

About VITIL 

VITIL Solutions, a 40-year-old company based in Sarasota Florida, provides managed services for technology service desks, field services and computer management services to county and city governments in the state of Florida.  VITIL introduced KnowledgeDesk in September 2017.

ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS® Limited.

KCS is a registered service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

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