KnowledgeDesk has been designed to enable the Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) methodology from the Consortium for Service Innovation.  KCS is a set of knowledge management best practices that have evolved through the shared experiences of numerous organizations. Knowledge articles capture the experiences of individuals.  Articles can easily be searched and filtered to enable sharing and reuse.  Through article reuse and team collaboration, articles are dynamically refined and improved.

Article Editor

Anyone with permissions can edit an article using simple article templates that promote consistency of content and presentation.  Rich text fields allow for images and videos to be embedded, fast links to additional resources, and quick access to attachments containing supporting content.

Smart Search

Finding articles is fast.  Articles can be searched, browsed, filtered, and sorted.  A content view provides a results list by relevancy ranking, a detailed view enables easy list manipulation, and a pivot table view summarizes the number of articles based on the article properties.

Self-Service Portal

You select the articles to be instantly available to your customers through a branded self-service portal.  You can easily enable your self-service knowledge to be open to the public or closed to customers who are required to login.

Robust Permissions

Assign users to the KCS roles of Admin, Knowledge Manager, Publisher, Contributor, Candidate, Reader, or Customer.  Permissions have been predefined and can quickly be modified to support your needs.

Article Tagging

Assign articles to Services and use the Applies-to tags to assign them to products, applications, locations, groups, or any tag of your choice.  All tags are searchable and can be used to filter results.

Article Types

Select the article type to change the presentation template and available fields.  Does the article capture an issue, a question, a request for how to information, a diagnostic, escalation guidance, or reference material?


Don't delete articles that are no longer needed, archive them.  Archived articles are removed from routine searches and self-service. Everything about them is saved.  They can be quickly restored if needed.

Custom Branding

While powered by KnowledgeDesk, the knowledge is yours.  Add your logo and organization's name to promote the recognition of your organization.

In the Cloud

KnowledgeDesk is hosted in the cloud for fast, reliable, secure access.  No software to install nor hardware to maintain. If you have a browser and access to the internet, then you can access KnowledgeDesk.

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