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Knowledge Fragments Add Value

A knowledge fragment is a single piece of information that once added to a knowledge article improves its value. No one person can write the perfect knowledge article. They just don’t know what others know or what others need to know. While many people know something about the issue. The knowledge fragments can add value and improve the knowledge. Having more information can produce knowledge that is findable and usable. Through knowledge collaboration, additional pieces can be added to the picture.

Knowledge collaboration is key component of a knowledge management strategy. Knowledge articles are enhanced in multiple service management processes, including incident management, request fulfillment, access management, event management, problem management, service level management, release management, and service verification and testing. Everyone who interacts with the knowledge base has the responsibility to improve the knowledge articles by adding knowledge fragments. Through collaboration, the collection of the knowledge fragments evolves the knowledge article. Knowledge collaboration cannot be forced by a process or required by a tool. It requires a culture where people share their knowledge to benefit customers, their peers, and the organization.

Once a culture of sharing is created, knowledge collaboration will result in the continuous improvement the knowledge base as a routine activity within the organization. Individuals with the authority to modify articles will do so, while others may add comments to existing articles. These knowledge fragments can vary widely is type, while adding value to the knowledge article.

Partial List of Knowledge Fragments that can enhance a Knowledge Article

  • Correcting a spelling error or grammar
  • Adding new symptoms and customer context
  • Removing non-relevant information
  • Adding multimedia to improve understanding and usability
  • Enhancing resolution procedures for correctness, clarity, and completeness
  • Adding classification information
  • Adding default service level information
  • Adding automated tasks to streamline ticket management when an article is used
  • Formatting to improve readability
  • Adding a root cause and a test for the root cause
  • Providing a better workaround
  • Replacing a workaround with a permanent fix
  • Adding checklists for properly escalating issues
  • Adding guidance for triaging and escalating issues
  • Adding scripts for setting customer expectations when contacting assisted service
  • Defining prerequisites and special considerations for a service request
  • Defining approval requirements for a service request
  • Defining costs and financial requirements for a service request

No one person can author the perfect knowledge article. Through the reuse of the article, others can improve the knowledge article by adding knowledge fragments. Collectively the team will have produced the best article that is known to date, until the next person discovers another knowledge fragment.

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