Nonprofit Organizations

Most nonprofit organizations are managed by committed board, dedicated staff, and team of volunteers.  Volunteers come and go, taking their experiences and knowledge with them.  Nonprofit organizations provide services to their members or the community of people they help.   These services may include networking, learning, fun, and resources to help them be successful. Sharing knowledge aligns with the association’s mission and increases the value of the membership and the service they provide to the community.

Shared knowledge minimizes the work and challenges of volunteers and staff.

  • Provide easy access to answers
  • Share standard operating procedures
  • Eliminate rework related to replicating services
  • Just-in-time training for organization leaders and members
  • More time to focus on the mission of the organization
  • Enable member access to a self-service knowledge base

Improve the quality of your services, the commitment of your staff, and the satisfaction of your customers.

Creating shared knowledge is easier when using templates or forms to capture related information. KnowledgeDesk provides the forms and you provide the content. Then KnowledgeDesk makes your knowledge easy to find and use. Yet one of the most frequently asked question is “What knowledge should we capture?” The answer of everything can sound overwhelming. While it is true that you benefit from capturing all your knowledge, start with the questions and issues you receive. Then build on your shared knowledge to address other needs.

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