Service Desks

A service desk, or help desk, provides technical support to either internal employees using the IT infrastructure or external customers who purchase technology from the organization.  These environments require a fast and accurate response to a broad variety of customer incidents and requests. Technical support requires a significant amount of information about an ever changing environment.

Shared knowledge is critical to efficient and effective service management.

  • Provide consistency of service independent of who answers the call
  • Immediate access to answers and resolutions that improves first contact resolution
  • Eliminate rework by multiple analysts resolving repeat issues
  • Just-in-time training for new staff to become quickly proficient in the roles
  • Reduce costly escalations for known issues in your environment
  • Increased support capacity as a result of faster responses and reduce escalations
  • Enable customers to self-serve 7x24 and reduce support costs
  • Identify and eliminate problems through trends in knowledge reuse

Improve the quality of your support services, the morale of your team, and the satisfaction of your customers.

Creating shared knowledge is easier when using templates or forms to capture related information. KnowledgeDesk provides the forms and you provide the content. Then KnowledgeDesk makes your knowledge easy to find and use. Yet one of the most frequently asked question is “What knowledge should we capture?” The answer of everything can sound overwhelming. While it is true that you benefit from capturing all your knowledge, start with the questions and issues you receive. Then build on your shared knowledge to address other needs.

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