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Shared knowledge minimizes the work and challenges faced by the dedicated volunteers who lead associations. Sharing knowledge directly with members increases the value of the association.


Shared knowledge enables government staff to successfully and efficiently respond to the constituents they service.  Improve the quality of services, staff morale, and the satisfaction of constituents and government leaders.

Customer Service

Shared knowledge is vital to the success of a customer service organization to retain customers and generate repeat business.  Responding to questions quickly and properly directly impacts the organization's bottom line.

Service Desks

Shared knowledge is essential to efficient and effective service management when providing technical support for internal employees using the IT infrastructure or for external customers using the products distributed by the organization.

Small Businesses

Shared knowledge reduces business risks due to a single point of failure common in small business where many people have multiple diverse responsibilities and where the organization is dependent on the expertise and experiences of a few employees.


Shared knowledge enables the organization to improve the value of the services produced with the funding available by reducing rework of staff and volunteers, and improving the quality of services for the community they serve.

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