For Customer Service

Customer service organizations, or contact centers, provide assistance to customers who purchase or who have purchased products and services from the organization.  Realizing that customers have a choice when purchasing, the quality of customer service has a direct correlation to customers continuing to purchase products and their influence on prospective customers.  Responding to their questions quickly and properly managing their issues impacts the organization’s bottom line.

Shared knowledge is vital to the success of a customer service organization to satisfy customers.

  • Provide consistency of service independent of who answers the call
  • Immediate access to answers and resolutions that improves first contact resolution
  • Eliminate rework by multiple agents resolving repeat issues
  • Access to standard operating procedures for common requests
  • Just-in-time training for new hires to become quickly proficient in the roles
  • Increased agent capacity as a result of faster responses
  • Enable customers to self-serve 7x24 and reduce support costs
  • Identify and eliminate problems through trends in knowledge reuse
  • Thereby, reducing warranty returns and improving customer satisfaction.

Improve the quality of your services, the morale of your team, and the satisfaction of your customers.

KCS is a registered service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

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