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Does this knowledge article apply to my issue?

Common questions from new knowledge authors are “What is an Applies-to tag and why would I use them?” Applies-to tags are used to define the environment. This usually leads to the next question "What is the environment?" Applies-to tags improve the ability to find relevant articles and enables the identification of continuous improvement opportunities.

Does one type of knowledge article fit all your needs?

Do you capture all your knowledge using the same form? Or have you found value in having different forms based on the type of knowledge and its purpose? While one form can work, having a few forms is often preferred. Simply put, each knowledge form or template used to capture and present knowledge represents a different knowledge article type.

Help, we can’t afford a request management system!

I want to share an extension of knowledge management that helps organizations that can’t afford to purchase a request management system, or actionable service catalog. Let’s start by introducing the Request knowledge article type. The Request article type is used when documenting how to fulfill a service request where the approval to implement the change is not required from a governing body, such as a change advisory board.
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